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A countryside theme park with a lake and 15 thrilling roller coasters! It's reaches crazy heights of 300 ft, 100 mph giga coaster, a hyper twister coaster at 90 mph and a 400 feet, 121 mph launched coaster! It also has two wooden coasters, a stand up coaster, a floorless coaster, a inverted coaster, a corkscrew coasters and many other types! It also has a great selection of thrill and gentle rides also with three water rides a log flume, river rapids and a two drop splash boats! By the side of lakes are two gentle self paddling boat rides.

1. Corkscrew (Extreme corkscrew coaster with vertical loops, half loop then corkscrews and corkscrews)
2. Crazy Knights (Virginia reel)
3. Firetrap (Wooden roller coaster)
4. Golden Inversions (Floorless coaster with 6 inversions)
5. Mad Mouse (Spinning mouse coaster)
6. Mango Muncher (Junior coaster)
7. Nemesis Infusion (Terrifying inverted coaster with vertical drop, inline twists, corkscrews and a two in a row vertical loop)
8. Production Line (Motor bike single rail coaster)
9. Red Baron (Stand up coaster with two vertical loops in a row and two corkscrews in a row)
10. Roller-Toaster (Launched invert themed around a toaster)
11. Steel Squeak (Wild mouse coaster)
12. Titan (Hyper coaster at 240 feet and 90 mph)
13. White Wail (315 feet giga coaster, up to 100 mph!)
14. Wings of Apollo (400 feet, 121 mph launch coaster!)
15. Woodfobia (Air time hill wooden coaster at 100 feet)

16. 3D Cinema - Mouse Tails
17. 3D Cinema - Space Raiders
18. 3D Cinema - Storm Chasers
19. Berserk Spin
20. Castle Karts
21. Enterprise
22. Escape Hatch (Launched tower)
23. Motion Simulator - Avenging Aviators
24. Motion Simulator - Thrill Riders
25. Pirate Ship
26. Roto-Drop
27. Space Rings 1
28. Space Rings 2
29. Swinging Inverted Ship 1
30. Swinging Inverted Ship 2
31. Twister

32. Catseyes (Car ride)
33. Dodgems
34. Ferris Wheel 1
35. Ferris Wheel 2
36. Flying Saucers
37. Garden Explorer (Raft ride)
38. Merry-Go-Round
39. Mini Maze

Gentle Boat Rides Rides
40. Rowing Boats
41. Swans

42. River Rapids (Lengthy ride that uses the lake)
43. Splash Boats (Two drops)
44. Splash Mine (Log Flume)

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