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Fairfield Frontier

OffbeatToaster presents Fairfield Frontier, a miniature park in RCT3. While I originally intended to make a video for only Thunder Express, I decided to make the ride the centerpiece of a heavily themed western park, using an in-game area limit of 50x50, the final product being what you see here. Fairfield Frontier includes six rides:
Thunder Express, a launched wooden shuttle coaster
Lightning Mountain, a kids’ mine train with a misty tunnel
Lasso, a Disko attraction with a barn/mercantile entrance building
Trapper’s Tower, a 90 foot drop ride
Soaring Eagles, a set of Flying Scooters
Water Wheel, an inverting thrill ride
Music: Barn Dance by Joel McNeely, Stomping Grounds by Silent Partner
Some structures were created by CoasterCapitolCreator and downloaded from RCTGo.
I welcome your questions and comments, thanks for watching.
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

Date added
Oct. 23, 2016
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Your video is your park are superb!
I have 2 short questions:
For your "Thunder Express", what is the coster you used?
Always about your "Thunder Express", how did you do that,
once the coster who starts in reverse, arrived at the station,
this one does not stop and continues his back movement,
before returning forward And of this arrest?
I tested moreter coster which does not give me unfortunately
this effect and after a back walk my tests always end up stopped at the station!
Thanks in advance !


@colasblues - I used Parallax's timberliner ctr, you can download it here: http://www.customscenerydepot.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=2490

For the coaster to go through the station and backwards, you need to set the ride to have a powered launch and then change the number of circuits to 2. That should cause the train to have an extra launch back through the station. I used some fast lift chain pieces for the first launch on the ride and a slower launch speed so that the train wouldn't fly off the track going backwards.

Hope this helped!


Thank you very much for answering me!
I'll be able to test this in the minutes that come!
You gave me a great pleasure in answering me!
Sincere friendship


Would you put this up for download?


This is one of the coolest RCT3 creations ever


I also love the compactness of the park


One more thing, the theme in this park is great.


That's one amazing wooden coaster wooden launched coasters are extremely rare especially wooden boomerangs. Lightning Rod was the first launched wooden coaster and switchback is the first wooden boomerang. So to see a wooden launched boomerang is incredible


Congratulations on that felicitous work! I especially like the realistic roller coaster layouts and the love of detail put into the westerly scenery.