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1989 (Version 1.0) -----

CHAOS was advertised as a roller coaster like nothing ever built before. Indeed, it was. At million, it was the most expensive attraction ever built on Opryland property at that time. To show how much confidence Opryland USA had in it, that same year, Cedar Point built the world's fastest coaster with the longest drop for only 1 more million dollars. CHAOS's designers hired the same people who worked on Predator and Jaws 3-D to bring live action film footage to show on huge projection screens along the ride. At 2,620 feet, it was the longest coaster in the park with a ride capacity of 1,400 riders per hour.

When CHAOS first opened, the riders would have to wait in long lines outside the building and approximately 20 minutes inside in what is called "The Tunnel." The central theme for the attraction, and labeled in various areas, is "Access 2 Control" with different levels being inside the building. While in the Tunnel (Access 2 Control Level 1), the riders would be exposed to fog, strobe lights, warnings, and clocks. After passing through 3/4 of the tunnel, the riders would make a 90 degree turn to the left (Access 2 Control Level 2). In this portion, clocks would be everywhere--on the wall, ceiling, and floor, and highly annoying ticking sounds surrounded those waiting in the queue.

After surviving the Tunnel, the riders were escorted to the "Station" (Access 2 Control Level 3). The station, a very large room, connecting to the outside, where the train boards. The roller coaster car consists of 40 individual cars with a possible 2 person per car capacity--totaling 80 people in the two minute ride (Tieing with its Belgium counterpart as the longest rollercoaster train in the world)! Once seated in the car (one in front of the other and not side by side), each person was handed a wrap-around-your-head style pair of distortion glasses. The operator says, "Access 2 Control Level 3 Has Been Terminated. Dispatching CHAOS." The music would start, and in the center of this massive room would be a huge clock with Roman Numerals, one on the floor and one on the ceiling. While the big clock was shown going up the lift, riders would see that the images of the clock from the top screen and the bottom screen converged and then shattered. Then while going down, the riders would go through a wall of fire, breaking panes of glass, a starry universe made by lasers, a hall of lights, a time clock, and then a green bulls eye made by lasers. And then, the ride was terminated. After finishing the ride, people walk down the exit ramp and into CHAOS Games, an area of skee-ball, arcade games, and air-hockey tables.

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Dec. 4, 2016
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