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Alpengeist - RCT3 | 20th Anniversary 1997 - 2017

22nd March, 2017, marks today's 20th Anniversary of the tallest Inverted B&M Rollercoaster in the world! Situated at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Virginia, this ride still holds the record for being the tallest for 20 years! Enjoy!

Haters: I've never been to Busch Gardens or the states alone. So please do not flame me about mistakes as I'm aware this ride ain't perfect, nor the surround scenery you see which I know is incorrect. But all that matters is the Coaster itself which I think is great for RCT3 standards! So no hate, or it WILL be dealt with!

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Apr. 10, 2017
User Videos: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

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What I really like is these videos use audio from a real POV video