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MEGA Park in OpenRCT2: Park Tranguility

Hey Guys,

Welcome to my brand new park Tranguility.
This Project is my biggest park I have ever made and took me over a 100 hours to compleet
Its 254 by 254 tiles wide and that makes it 64.000 tiles in total.
It has over 35 rollercoaster and a lot of gentle and thrill rides.

At last there is a lot of custom made scenery and I want to thank the community for making these custom designs and putting them online so we can use them.

Here is the Download Link for the park: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/tran...

Song name: TULE - Fearless

Date added
Nov. 8, 2019
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That is the best rct2 park. The Roller coasters in vido are awesome.

The park looks very Fantastic. Very good work.


I really like how this park looks, i would really like if it ever gets featured.