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Red Launch (No Limits Coaster)

Here is my L.I.M coaster "Red Launch"! download it here ==> http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/4810
Coming out of the station you go up a 15 MPH/24 KPH Magnetic lift hill and then down a 120 Foot/36 Meter Drop speeding along at 60 MPH/96 KPH and into six inversions which include: Two Extremely over banked curves that flip you over at 180 degrees, A Reverse Cobra Roll & A Barrel-Roll!

Are you ready for "Red Launch"?

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Date added
Sep. 16, 2012
User Videos: NoLimits



I wanna ride that! :D


lol well that's my hope to get coaster parks to buy blueprints for my coaster's! :D


I hear people, but I don't see them.