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Ridge Runner

Here's my newest project "Ridge Runner"

Date added
Jul. 6, 2014
User Videos: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3



Another great design. May I ask how are you recording? The music was good for this video. So much detail must have taken you awhile.:)


Really appreciate the feedback! :) Actually I just use simple ol Moviemaker lol. I tried using the Sony deal like alot of you guys do but I just feel more comfortable with Moviemaker. Your right alot of detail on this project and it wouldnt have been possible to make it look like this without the rocks set,Stationjim gardening "2" & Nuclear Fishes Particle Effects. Then like you said found a cool sounding Metallica song and it fit perfect with the ride!


Great ride! My respect for all the effort you put into the rock work! :)


Thanks! Jeez this rock work took forever! But its worth it if you want to try and make the landscape look as believable as possible.