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OMEGA - Collab with Griffonj2022

**This was entered into "Build It! Round 173 by a fake user that was impersonating me, here is the OFFICIAL video**
Ī©MEGA - Rush The Ruins

Designed by griffonj2022 and aesthetically produced by PioneerRock, OMEGA is an Intamin Blitz coaster featuring dual launches, 6 inversions, and multiple near misses along it's Grecian-inspired course. With a support structure modeled after Storm Runner (i.e. the supports cannot touch the water), OMEGA challenged both PioneerRock and griffonj2022 to work with limitations and create something inventive with boundaries existing.

OMEGA, when first built, was an idea out of a physics class, ultimately arriving at a Greek themed metropolis upon it's release. Both griffonj2022 and PioneerRock hope that you enjoy the work put into the ride, and be sure to keep your eyes open for more from the both of us in the future!

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Date added
Jul. 23, 2014
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