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Predator - No Limits 2

Predator is a No Limits 2 B&M Dive Coaster inspired by Oblivion and Krake. Sorry about the pixelation at the end, my next video should have that resolved.

Date added
Mar. 2, 2015
User Videos: NoLimits



Nicely done! Very smooth ride. I'm learning how to use No Limits 1 and thought about upgrading sometime to No Limits2. What do you find the biggest difference is? How did you get the camera working? You are very talented.


Thank you! The biggest difference is The graphics, it is way better than NL1, and you can create smoother coasters. In NL1, you take a video by hitting zero. NL2, hit the letter o.


Wow Nice Coaster! It Has A Very Slow Lift Hill Tho... How Do You Get No Limits???