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RCT3 Jungle Fury

This is my first attempt at an Intamin Blitz Coaster and I cant believe I waited this long to build one!

Date added
Apr. 8, 2015
User Videos: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3



Wow! Wow! Wow! I've been waiting to see another one of your creations and this is fantastic! But you already know I'm a big fan of your work. Great scenery, outstanding work on the coaster. Loved the day and night view of the ride and park area. Looks like a fun ride. Enjoyed this a lot. :)


Great terraforming as always! Nice scenery as well. As I said before, the only flaw of this ride is the speed (too high?) at certain points during the track. :)


The launch speed is way to high and unrealistic and as a jungle themed ride the jungle feeling isn't really there for me. Also i think the name is a bit to generic for such a ride.Try to go for more creativity.

Maybe its high criticsm but it isn't perfect in my eyes, sorry :p

But it is a great creation overall.



I love it!!!!


A beautiful park, beautiful ride, and beautiful video. Well done!


Thank you everyone! Like I've said my only regret with this was the speed. But overall when you mix in all that detail it helps make up for that miss judgment. :D