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Build It! Competition

Competition Rules

By entering a roller coaster in the RCTgo Build It! Competition, you automatically agree to these terms.

The RCTgo Build It! Competition is ONLY for RollerCoaster Tycoon and NoLimits roller coasters. It is NOT for general RollerCoaster Tycoon and NoLimits files, but for roller coasters only.

You may NOT:

  • Enter more than once in a single round of the competition
  • Enter in place of another user (enter a roller coaster that is not yours)
  • Enter any roller coaster that has been entered into a previous round of the competition
  • Vote in any round in which you have an entry

You MAY:

  • Enter a new, different roller coaster if you have won a previous competition


  • Exclude your entry from the competition for any reason
  • Keep your entry as a regular download if it does NOT win
  • Keep or further promote your entry whether it wins or does not win, for any reason deemed necessary by RCTgo
  • Postpone any operations relating to the RCTgo Build It! Competition
  • Select the winner of a competition in the case of a "tie" (same number of votes for multiple entries that are in the lead)