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I used @DCMeGaMaxX's parking lot. Adventure Kingdom is a amusement park located in Portland, Oregon. It was opened on April 13, 1973 and sold to Cedar Fair in 2009 after the original owner's went bankrupt. The park has plenty of thrill rides, two themed areas, and a few other named areas in the park. The park has 9 rollercoasters, including a GCI woodie, a Intamin hyper, a b&m invert, a B&m floorless that used to be a stand-up called Rage, A Intamin impulse coaster, an arrow suspended coaster, an arrow mine train, and two kiddie coasters. It also has a 314 ft tall drop tower, a discus, and many other thrill rides. There is a log flume, and also a windsurfer and submarine ride. There is also a monorail that runs across the park and transports peeps to different areas of the park, saving the walk. This park is set in the 2019 season.

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Date Uploaded Aug 2, 2019




This looks really cool. Before I load it and risk crashing the game, did you use any custom scenery and if so, which packs? I look forward to checking this out and maybe "renovating" the park later on. Good work!

JC Productions

@JeremyPABuilder Thanks, and no I didn't use any custom scenery. Sorry I'm late by the way.