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Downloads Terms

By uploading a file to the RCTgo Downloads Center or entering a roller coaster in the RCTgo Build It! Competition, you automatically agree to these terms.

The RCTgo uploader is ONLY for RollerCoaster Tycoon and NoLimits Files. Be aware that we are notified of every file uploaded, and we regularly maintain the database.

You may NOT:

  • Upload viruses, pornography, warez, spyware, adware, or other malicious files
  • Link to any other website whatsoever
  • Upload any content not created by you or upload any copyrighted content
  • Upload any file that is not yours


  • Promote any download that is uploaded to the download center
  • Make use any files uploaded (including screenshots) to our servers in every manner necessary to provide and maintain the downloads service
  • Remove any download for any reason without notification
  • Modify, alter, or otherwise augment any information provided regarding the download, including upload additional screenshots or replace the original download file as needed

Also, be aware:

  • The individual who created and uploaded any content uploaded to RCTgo retains ALL copyrights and ownership of the file. Ownership is only given to RCTgo if the uploader explicitly asks for the file to have ownership transferred to RCTgo.
  • At least one screenshot is required when uploading a file to the download center. If a download has a screenshot uploaded that does not represent the actual file uploaded, RCTgo reserves the right to remove the download without notice to the creator.
  • Although we maintain regular backups of our database, they are not guaranteed
  • By submitting, you confirm that the file was created by YOU and that all information that is submitted is valid

Build It! Competition Terms

All entries to the RCTgo Build It! Competition must adhere to the downloads terms on this page. All entries must primarily be a track design; while park files may be submitted, the entry may not be an entire park.

In order to encourage a fair competition and the submission of high-quality entries, all entries must be themed in some way. Entries without any theming or scenery will be removed without notice.

Additionally, all entries must abide by the following terms.

You may NOT:

  • Enter more than once in a single round of the competition
  • Enter in place of another user (enter a roller coaster that is not yours)
  • Enter any track that has been entered into a previous round of the competition
  • Enter any track that has been previously uploaded to RCTgo
  • Vote in any round in which you have an entry

You MAY:

  • Enter a new, different track if you have won a previous round of the competition


  • Exclude or disqualify an entry from the competition for any reason without explanation or notification
  • Disqualify and remove a winner from a previous round of the competition for any reason, resulting in a round of the competition with no winner, without explanation or notification
  • Keep your entry as a regular download if it does NOT win
  • Keep or further promote your entry whether it wins or does not win, for any reason deemed necessary by RCTgo
  • Postpone or otherwise suspend any operations related to the RCTgo Build It! Competition
  • Select the winner of a competition in the case of a "tie" (same number of votes for multiple entries that are in the lead)

Forums Terms

RCTgo reserves the right to manage the RCTgo Forums as it sees fit, at its own discretion. RCTgo reserves the right to take any administrative actions necessary to preserve order and maintain a safe environment for guests. A set of forum rules are available to guide behavior on the forums. You agree to these terms by registering for an RCTgo account.

Copyright Material

The RCTgo website design, layout, images, style sheets, HTML and PHP code; and the RCTgo Forums design, images, and customized layout, CSS, and HTML is copyright 2004-2015 RCTgo, all rights reserved.

Use, reproduction, copying, or manipulation of any kind of any RCTgo copyrighted material is strictly forbidden without express written consent.

RCTgo is an independent RollerCoaster Tycoon and other theme park game fansite and is not affiliated with or connected to Atari, Frontier, or any other party.

Some game-related screenshots, videos, or other content may be owned by/copyright to Atari, Frontier, IGN, GameSpot, GameSpy, and/or other third parties and is hosted here as a convenience to our visitors. RCTgo does not claim ownership or copyright for any of these files that are not owned by or copyright to RCTgo. If any party that owns content on RCTgo would like to have their content removed, please contact the webmaster and describe the situation, providing any evidence necessary.

Website Issues

RCTgo is designed to be viewed in the latest stable version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Versions older than the latest stable version are not supported.

We make every attempt to be compatible with all screen sizes; however, due to the multitude of devices and screen sizes, it is difficult to ensure our website is compatible with every device.

If you experience a compatibility error of any kind, please contact the webmaster, including details of the error, name and version of browser, the device you were using, and, if possible, screenshots. Providing as much information as possible will help us resolve the issue more quickly.