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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Cheats

To activate these cheats in RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, rename a peep to the name in bold before each description. Cheats are listed by version; newer versions (listed first) include all of the cheat codes below them.

You can also print a printer-friendly version of these cheats, with all of the cheats condensed onto one page, by clicking on the "Print Cheat Sheet" button.

RCT3: Wild! Cheats Top


Animals Constantly Breed - Should make your animals reproduce very quickly, like rabbits.

Alvin Swazonegger

Allow Large Billboard Movies

RCT3: Soaked! Cheats Top

Mornington Crescent

This allows building shops etc. underground (use SHIFT to lower an object's position until it is say, level with an underground path).

David Walsh

This allows removal of the user interface (ie all the icons, menus etc) using CTRL+U once the cheat is active. This is great for taking screen shots. Press CTRL+U again to get the user interface back.

M Brookes

Enables you can place wall pieces and other scenery items on the edge of path tiles.

Alistair Lindsay

Alters the speed at which some sound effects are played at pause, fast and fastest.

Rick Griffiths

Changes the inside of a tunnel from rubble to sharks on both sides, the ceiling and the floor.

v1a Beta Patch (for Original RCT3) Cheats Top

Andrew Thomas

Decreases track friction, which can make coasters go faster along their tracks

David Braben

Disable the Lift Chain Speed & Launch Speed limits. Normally, you are not permitted over a set speed limit. Usage: Select a coaster. Select "Operating Mode". You must have "Powered Launch" selected to alter the Launch Speed.

Andrew Gillett

Unknown effect. (On the first Career mission, this code will double the value rating of your park - which will complete your first mission objective) (On other tested missions, it seems to possibly cause a slight increase in park value too)

Original RCT3 Cheats Top

John D Rockefeller

Increase your money by 1,000

Chris Sawyer

Cheer (Lp) - All guests applaud you & jump into the air


All guests stand around looking down at the ground (are they looking for mice between their feet?)

Guido Fawkes

Enables the "Advanced firework editor". Usage: Scenery -> Firework Mixmaster -> Fireworks Displays -> Add firework display -> Advanced firework editor


Cheer (Fade) - All guests applaud you

James Hunt

You are given a buggy vehicle to ride in - exit coastercam and delete as scenery when done

D Lean

Open the "Flying Camera" routes editor (also available through Ctrl + Shift + 0 without using cheat)

A Hitchcock

Hitchcock - not sure what this does (could be related to the birds like Alfred's movie)




Every Person (both guests & staff) move super fast, though the game time passes at normal speed (rides & coasters do not speed up) (Expires after 20 seconds)

Make Me Sick

All guests become Sick and vomit immediately

Jonny Watts

PeepCam (see the world through the eyes of the guest who you just renamed)

John Wardley

Coaster Heights (ride & coaster tracks can be built without height limitations)


Unbreakable (Buildings/Rides/Coasters do not break down any longer)

Jon Roach

Ride All Rides (make all guests ride every park ride before leaving the park) OR it may just make guests ignore their nausea rating

Sam Denney

Ride All Coasters (make all guests ride every park coaster before leaving the park) OR it may just make guests ignore their nausea rating


Big Explosion - never saw a noticable effect on this one (assume it makes certain buildings, rides, or coasters explode OR could have some effect on the Fireworks)