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Before we get to what I was going to say, I need to remind you to NOT download the download. I can't stress this enough. I only uploaded trees is because I need to upload something to give you guys this announcement. This is the 2022 version of Cedar Point, I'll upload the 2023 version in December. This recreation was a rage to make because of the size limit and it was just so much work to complete this recreation! Here's the link of the download, go here https://time4coasters-22-rct3-recreations.time4coasters18.repl.co/cp.html

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Date Uploaded Nov 7, 2022




nice recreation of my home park.


here are some problems in the recreation from the screenshots:
Magnum's final brakerun is too long, Rougarou has wrong inversions, the skycoaster is in wrong position so i cannot wait to see your wild mouse.


1, due to the game's profiling, Magnum ended up with a long brake run. 2, the side dive loop in RCT3 is different from a side dive loop in real life and I had to make the inclined loop an inversion in the game so that's why it looks like that. 3, You can only place rides in coordinated positions, meaning that you can't place them positioning diagonally so that's why the skycoaster is placed like that.


this is nice I wish it had more guests and less rides broken down it would be more amazing


The rides at Cedar Point break down all the time in real life XD