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This is a full recreation of Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. This is a Cedar Fair park with 18 rollercoasters (Yes, Pipe Scream is a coaster!). This park originally opened in 1870 originally just a beach and boardwalk area until 1892. New for 2024 is a Top Thrill 2 which is a Zamperla conversion of Top Thrill Dragster which will include a swing launch system consisting of 3 LSM launches and a 420 ft spike.

Here are Cedar Point's coasters

Blue Streak: PTC wooden coaster
Cedar Creek Mine Ride: Arrow Dynamics family hybrid coaster
Corkscrew: Arrow Dynamics multi-looping coaster
Gatekeeper: B&M winged coaster
Gemini: Arrow Dynamics double-track hybrid coaster
Iron Dragon: Arrow Dynamics family suspended coaster
Magnum XL-200: Arrow Dynamics hyper coaster
Maverick: Intamin launched coaster
Millennium Force: Intamin hyper coaster (Giga coaster)
Pipe Scream: Zamperla disk'o
Raptor: B&M inverted coaster
Rougarou: B&M floorless coaster
Steel Vengeance: RMC hybrid coaster
Top Thrill 2: Zamperla accelerator coaster
Valravn: B&M dive coaster
Wild Mouse: Zamperla family spinning coaster
Wilderness Run: Intamin kiddie coaster
Woodstock Express: Vekoma kiddie coaster

**Gatekeeper, Woodstock Express, and Steel Vengeance got edited, make sure you redownload and replace the server you downloaded the server yet!**

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Date Uploaded Feb 3, 2024