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Dollywood is now on my website!!!!!

Here's the link to the download https://time4coasters-22-rct3-recreations.time4coasters18.repl.co/dw.html

Here are a few differences of the recreation compared to the park in real life:
1) Lightning Rod is a traditional wooden coaster because the RMC hybrid are CTRs in this game. I mean, I could've used the extended coaster and have wall girders underneath the coaster but Lightning doesn't feature inversions so I didn't mind making it a traditional wooden coaster.
2) Wild Eagle is an Arrow/ S&S 4D coaster so it goes backwards. The B&M wingrider is a CTR in this game.
3) FireChaser express goes all forwards because having the track switch position and being a complete circuit isn't existent in this game.
4) Tennessee Tornado is a B&M instead of an Arrow. The Vekoma/ Arrow looper in this game only features regular sized vertical loops when it comes to the vertical loops. Tennessee Tornado features big vertical loops.
5) Drop Line is an S&S drop tower but it doesn't really matter because it looks like an S&S drop tower in real life anyway.
6) Barnstormer is a Loop the Loop ride. It's the closest to an S&S screamin' swing in the game if you're not using custom scenery.
7) Mystery Mine has diagonal lift hills instead of vertical. You can't do vertical lift hills using the extended coaster. I chose the extended coaster for Mystery Mine because of the 4 across seating option.
8) Dragonflier has the old Vekoma track instead of the new Vekoma track, please don't ask me why!

The download of Dollywood is in the website only. If you download it in RCTGo, then you'll just get trees!

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Date Uploaded Jun 12, 2022