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This is a full recreation of Dorney Park in Wescosville, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, United States of America. This is a Cedar Fair park with 9 rollercoasters (Yes, Demon Drop is a coaster!). This park originally opened in 1884. New for 2024 is Iron Menace which is a B&M dive machine.

Here are Dorney Park's coasters

Demon Drop: Intamin freefall coaster
Hydra the Revenge: B&M floorless coaster
Iron Menace: B&M dive coaster (Dive Machine)
Possessed: Intamin impulse coaster
Steel Force: Morgan hyper coaster
Talon: B&M inverted coaster
Thunderhawk: PTC wooden coaster
Wild Mouse: Maurer Rides wild mouse
Woodstock Express: Zamperla kiddie coaster

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Jun 15, 2024




Wow! This is the most realistic recreation of Demon Drop on the site yet (without CT)!

But I do gotta say. some things about the waterpark are outdated.


There are limited options with the waterslides in RCT3, that's why it's like that!