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European Extravaganza from RCT2 Wacky Worlds returns with a revamped and fixed design:

1. You now own all of the land in the park aside from the furthermost edges of the map and the path leading to the park entrance, solving a major issue from the original scenario.

2. All areas of the park are now connected by footpath, which also results in less pathfinding issues for the guests.

3. The France area has been revamped: TGV Train Twister now has more drops, inversions, and trains and is now named TGV Train Twister Prime. A launched freefall has also been added to the area.

4. The Russia area has a redesigned Sputnik Commemoration coaster and a new Fabergé Egg Ride.

5. The park is now purely pay-per-ride, so the park entrance is always free.

6. Your park rating here is now 100 lower than normal. That means you need to watch over it at all times!

You have a lot more rides and stalls to play with, but the cool and wet climate from the original scenario still remains.

Goal: To get at least 3,200 guests in your park. You must not let the park rating drop below 700 at any time!

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Date Uploaded Sep 8, 2020
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