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Georgia's Land of Adventures is an amusement park located in Roswell, Ga north of Atlanta. The park opened on August 23, 1991 with plenty of family rides and three roller coasters. All of which are operating today, Battle of The Golden Mine (a large, intense and compact PTC wooden roller coaster), Marine Run (a Arrow Dynamics suspended coaster that interacts with a small lake very well) and Tilting ForcE! (a Vekoma Tilting Coaster, the first of it's kind as well). In 1996, the park got an B&M Inverting coaster called Black Viper featuring 7 inversions including a Sea Serpent Roll, an almost rare element on B&M's. In 2000, the park opened an Intamin Drop Tower called Mining Malfunction: Drop Zone, which was the tallest drop tower (at about 394 ft) and held that record for 12 years. In 2009, the park got a Vekoma Flying Dutchman modeled coaster called Space Rocket, (which is very intense). Around 2015, the park got a new Spooky themed section/land titled "Land of Fright" with a Premier Rides LIM launched coaster Scream! The Ride which is themed to the movie "Scream" and the new for 2019 B&M floorless roller coaster relocated from another park (which I'll be making soon!) titled Chucky's Revenge themed to the "Chucky" doll character from various horror films. In 2016, the park added an airtime-filled B&M hyper coaster titled Hyper Max (ironic huh.)The park also has a junior coaster titled Jolly Zig-Zagger. It also has a Inverted Vekoma Boomerang titled Invertigo (titled the same as many other models of the same ride.) Great flat rides include Americana Tower! (an observation tower that opened with the park), Roaming Forest Rapids (a River Rapids ride that goes around lots of trees and foliage, making the ride seem very foresty.), and many more. The park has 5 main themed sections, a junior area titled Crocker's Kiddieland themed to a crocodile character named Crocker, a old western area titled Old U.S. Frontier, a Midway that's generically American themed to the right of the main entrance and east of the Old U.S. Frontier area including some of the park's most famous roller coasters, a Sci-Fi themed area with many famous park rides, and as forementioned "Land of Fright" a Spooky themed area of the park with plenty of thrills. The park's main entrance and plaza has a frog fountain and lots of guest relations facilities. Be aware that tower rides (such as the drop and observation towers) are no exceptions to the common RCT3 glitch where guests will not get off the ride as soon as the game restarts. If this problem occurs, simply pause the game, close the ride, put it on testing mode, open it and unpause the game. After that, all the problems should be fixed temporarily. There is also no Custom Scenery needed to have fun in this park! Have fun, this park will be getting another update later on this season!

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