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This is a full recreation of Hersheypark in Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, United States of America. This is an independent park with 14 rollercoasters (Breakers Edge is NOT a coaster!). This park originally opened in 1906.

Here are Hersheypark's coasters

Candymonium: B&M hyper coaster
Cocoa Cruiser: Zamperla kiddie coaster
Comet: PTC wooden coaster
Fahrenheit: Intamin dive coaster
Great Bear: B&M inverted coaster
Jolly Rancher Remix: Vekoma boomerang
Laff Trakk: Maurer Rides dark ride family spinning coaster
Lightning Racer: GCI double-track wooden coaster
Skyrush: Intamin hyper coaster
Sooperdooperlooper: Schwarzkopf loop coaster
Storm Runner: Intamin accelerator
Trailblazer: Arrow Dynamics mine train
Wild Mouse: Mack Rides wild mouse
Wildcat's Revenge: RMC hybrid coaster

Here are Hersheypark's non-coasters

Carrousel: PTC carousel
Claw: Chance Rides pendulum
Coal Cracker: Arrow Dynamics log flume
Ferris Wheel: Chance Rides ferris wheel
Frontier Flyers: Larson International flying scooters
Hershey's Tower (Hershey Triple Tower): S&S Worldwide shot tower
Kisses Tower (Hershey Triple Tower): S&S Worldwide shot tower
Kissing Tower: Intamin observation tower
Mix'd: Zamperla NebulaZ
Pirate: Huss pirate ship
Reese's Cupfusion: EOS Rides shooting dark ride
Reese's Tower (Hershey Triple Tower): S&S Worldwide shot tower
Tidal Force: Hopkins shoot the chute

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Date Uploaded Jun 8, 2024


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Pretty fantastic recreation.