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I spent 4 years (Off & On) getting this Resort Park completed. Some might say it's too much. Some might say WOW, pretty cool AND you covered all the bases. It comes with a Beach, Air Port, Casino, Hotels, Gas Stations, Fast Food, Restaurants, Diners, Yacht Club, Cruise Ship, Sail Boating, Bath Houses, The Water Park and Amusement Park) Glitches could arise. I hope you consider downloading. It's the completed park WITHOUT Rides. I HOPE it works ok for every one who downloads. (The shaded areas within the park shows you where the 3x3 and 4x4 rides can go for quick placement) Food Courts and Rest Room Areas have been laid out) I set Up the Main Entrance at the Amusement Park. Water Park does not currently include one. Happy Gaming!!

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Jun 22, 2020
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