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This is a full recreation of Kings Dominion in Doswell, Hanover County, Virginia, United States of America. This is a Cedar Fair park with 12 rollercoasters (Reptilian is NOT a coaster!). This park originally opened in 1974. It was originally called Lion Country Safari in 1974, Kings Dominion from 1975-1992, Paramount's Kings Dominion from 1993-2006, and then back to just Kings Dominion after that.

Here are Kings Dominion's coasters

Anaconda: Arrow Dynamics multi-looping coaster
Apple Zapple: Mack Rides wild mouse
Backlot Stunt Coaster: Premier Rides family launched coaster
Dominator: B&M floorless coaster
Flight of Fear: Premier Rides dark ride launched coaster (Spaghetti bowl)
Great Pumpkin Coaster: E&F Miler kiddie coaster
Grizzly: Wooden coaster
Project 305: Intamin giga coaster
Racer 75: PTC double-track wooden coaster
Tumbili: S&S Worldwide 4D freespin
Twisted Timbers: RMC hybrid coaster
Woodstock Express: PTC family wooden coaster

Here are Kings Dominion's non-coasters

Americana: Chance Rides ferris wheel
Bad Apple: Huss troika
Berserker: Intamin inverting pirate ship (Ranger)
Boo Blasters on Boo Hill: Sally Corporation shooting dark ride
Carousel: PTC carousel
Delirium: Mondial pendulum
Drop Tower Scream Zone: Intamin drop tower (Gyro drop tower)
Flying Eagles: Bisch Rocco flying scooters
Reptilian: Mack Rides bobsled
Shenandoah Lumber Company: Arrow Dynamics log flume
White Water Canyon: Intamin river rapids
WindSeeker: Mondial star flyer
Xtreme Skyflyer: Sky Fun 1 Inc. sky coaster

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I really gotta say, I305/P305 is too intense, even when compared to the real thing.