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This is a full recreation of Knoebels Amusement Resort in the border of Elysburg, Northumberland County and Parrs Mill, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, United States of America. This is an independent park with 5 rollercoasters (Flying Turns is NOT a coaster!) with 1 coming this year. This park originally opened in 1926. New for 2024 is Bayern Kurve which is a Schwarzkopf Bayern Kurve and yes it's a coaster.

Here are Knoebels Amusement Resort's coasters

Bayern Kurve: Schwarzkopf bayern kurve
Black Diamond: PTC dark ride coaster
Impulse: Zierer dive coaster
Kosmo's Kurves: E&F Miler kiddie coaster
Phoenix: PTC wooden coaster
Twister: Wooden coaster

Here are Knoebels Amusement Resort's non-coasters

Downdraft: Battech Enterprises swingaround
Fandango: Moser's Rides pendulum
Flyer: Bisch Rocco flying scooters
Flying Turns: Bobsled
Galleon: Zamperla pirate ship
Giant Flume: Hopkins log flume
Giant Wheel: Ferris wheel
Grand Carousel: Carousel
Haunted Mansion: Dark ride
Looper: Allan Herschell Company looper
Paratrooper: Hrubetz paratrooper
Power Surge: Zamperla power surge
Rock-O-Plane: Eyerly Aircraft Company zipper
Satellite: Eyerly Aircraft Company roll-o-plane
Sklooosh: Hopkins shoot the chute
StratosFear: Larson International drop tower
Super Round-Up: Hrubetz round-up

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Date Uploaded Jun 4, 2024


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Great recreation of that charming little park.