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Hello. I am new in RCTgo, and i present this hypercoaster called Maná

This is the first roller coaster of my new Sandbox park, called American Park. I will upload the park coming soon.

Excitement: 6.14 (High)
Intensity: 4.67 (Medium)
Nausea: 2.14 (Low)

Maximiun speed: 77.89 km/h
Medium speed 36.24 km/h
Ride time: 1:16
Total air time: 0:17
Drops: 11
Inversions: 0

Section Tracks
Type Hyper Coaster
File Size 66.47 KB
Date Uploaded Dec 21, 2017




Not catwalks included


Wild needed to include station


I changed my ideas for my future theme park, it will not include this roller coaster

My future sandbox park will have a variety of rides, roller coasters, swimming pool with slides, and animals. Coming soon