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The goal was to make a flowing and desorienting track that interact with the scenery. I aimed for a high excitement rating, which is difficult to do with the compact inverted coaster. The intensity and nausea rating go up very quick.
Exc: 7.82
Int: 9.47
Nau: 8.65

Section Tracks
Type Compact Inverted Coaster
File Size 0 bytes
Date Uploaded Oct 3, 2022
Liked by Domynic




download failed


Your download's at 0 bytes. When I downloaded it, it didn't appear under my list of Compact Inverted Coasters.


Sorry guys, I don't know why, but the export files from my rct classic don't seem to work anymore. Anyone else have this problem?


unfortunately it was fine with android 8 and 9, but then with the updates the game became unstable and you can no longer send the attachments, I have reported several times to the roller coaster tycoon classic game


I really want to download this track!! Can you fix @justes?