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This is a simple cash register from a shop expansion I am working on. I use invisible vendors and build shops around them. Aside from shop items, there are not a lot of customer service related objects, like cash registers. So I made one. Next, I plan to add chalk boards, menu board, offset counter, display case, etc. This object was edited and colored to work in RCT2/OpenRCT2. It was based on a piece from opengameart.

To install, after downloading the file, move it to the Object file in your OpenRCT2 folder (typical path: User/Documents/OpenRCT2/Objects) or the ObjData file in your RCT2 install location. It can then be found in your object selection list (Yes - that is a search bar at the top of the list).

Section Custom Scenery
File Size 1.83 KB
Date Uploaded Oct 8, 2022
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