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Scarlet Kingsnake BETA

Thanks to all the ones who voted on my Scarlet Kingsnake & gave me feedback on the track layout. Based on your feedback I did some little changes to the track considering removing all the three brakes which lead to unnecessary slowdowns. Of course, the block brakes haven't been removed so that the three trains still can ride independent from one another. The improved track layout will be published as soon as the actual download will have been deleted.


Smooth. Realistic. Exciting. Jungle Coasters Cooperation presents Scarlet Kingsnake – A fascinating Hyper Twister Coaster for young & old!

POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xl3yt3nQ5Bg

Excitement Rating: 6.86 (high)
Intensity Rating: 3.75 (medium)
Nausea Rating: 1.86 (low)

Exhibiting high-medium-low-ratings, the coaster guarantees high guests satisfaction.

This download includes the track itself, the scenario & the park featuring Scarlet Kingsnake, Surfing Pirate & further roller coasters.

Hyper Twister Coaster
File Size
1.74 MB
Date Uploaded
Jan 11, 2016


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I must point something out and this is important, B&M coasters Never Ever lay on the ground.