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This is a full recreation of Six Flags America in Woodmore, Prince George's County, Maryland, United States of America. This is a Six Flags park with 9 rollercoasters. This park originally opened in 1982. It was originally called Wild World from 1982-1993 and Adventure World from 1994-1998. There is absolutely no custom scenery in these servers. New for 2024 is SteamTown! Mind Eraser will get new vest restraints and get renamed to Inverted Coaster. Renegade Rapids will get renamed to River Rapids. There will also be a new ride named SteamWhirler which is a Zamperla Nebulaz, as well as RipQuirl Blaster which is a water coaster.

Here are Six Flags America's coasters

Batwing: Vekoma flying coaster (Flying dutchman)
Firebird: B&M floorless coaster
Great Chase: Zamperla kiddie coaster
Joker's Jinx: Premier Rides launched coaster (Spaghetti bowl)
Professor Screamore's SkyWinder: Vekoma inverted coaster (SLC)
Ragin' Cajun: Zamperla spinning wild mouse
Roar: GCI wooden coaster
Superman Ride of Steel: Intamin hyper coaster
Wild One: PTC wooden coaster

Here are Six Flags America's non-coasters

Carousel: Carousel
French Quarter Flyers: Larson International flying scooters
Harley Quinn Spinsanity: Zamperla pendulum (Giant discovery)
High Seas: Intamin pirate ship
Penguin's Blizzard River: WhiteWater West spinning raft
River Rapids: Hopkins river rapids
Riddle Me This: Hrubetz round-up
SteamWhirler: Zamperla NebulaZ
Voodoo Drop: Intamin drop tower
Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth: Funtime star flyer

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Date Uploaded Jun 7, 2024


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Great recreation, all things considered.