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This is a full recreation of Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, Ocean County, New Jersey, United States of America. This is a Six Flags park with 15 rollercoasters. This park originally opened in 1974. There is absolutely no custom scenery in these servers. New for 2024 is Flash Vertical Velocity which is a Vekoma super boomerang.

Here are Six Flags Great Adventure's coasters

Batman The Ride: B&M inverted coaster
Dark Knight: Mack Rides dark ride wild mouse
El Toro: Intamin wooden coaster (Prefab)
Flash Vertical Velocity: Vekoma launched boomerang (Super boomerang)
Green Lantern: B&M stand-up coaster
Harley Quinn Crazy Train: Zierer kiddie coaster
Jersey Devil Coaster: RMC single rail coaster (Raptor)
Joker: S&S Worldwide 4D freespin
Kingda Ka: Intamin accelerator (Strata coaster)
Lil' Devil Coaster: Zamperla kiddie coaster
Medusa: B&M floorless coaster
Nitro: B&M hyper coaster
Runaway Mine Train: Arrow Dynamics mine train
Skull Mountain: Intamin dark ride mine train
Superman Ultimate Flight: B&M flying coaster

Here are Six Flags Great Adventure's non-coasters

Big Wheel: Schwarzkopf ferris wheel
Buccaneer: Intamin pirate ship
Carousel: Savage carousel
Congo Rapids: Intamin river rapids
Cyborg Cyber Spin: ABC Rides tourbillon
Dare Devil Dive: Sky Fun 1 Inc. sky coaster
Houdini's Great Escape: Vekoma madhouse
Justice League Battle for Metropolis: Sally Corporation shooting dark ride
Saw Mill Log Flume: Arrow Dynamics log flume
Slingshot: Funtime slingshot
SkyScreamer: Funtime star flyer
Swashbuckler: Hrubetz round-up
Twister: Huss top spin
Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth: Zamperla pendulum (Giant discovery)
Zumanjaro Drop of Doom: Intamin drop tower

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Date Uploaded May 1, 2024
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