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This is a full recreation of Six Flags Over Georgia in Austell, Cobb County, Georgia, United States of America. This is a Six Flags park with 13 rollercoasters. This park originally opened in 1967 and it was the second park that Six Flags owned after Six Flags Over Texas. There is absolutely no custom scenery in these servers. New for 2024 is the first ever Intamin UltraSurf.

Here are Six Flags Over Georgia's coasters

Batman The Ride: B&M inverted coaster
Blue Hawk: Vekoma multi-looping coaster
Dahlonega Mine Train: Arrow Dynamics mine train
Dare Devil Dive: Gerstlauer dive coaster (Euro-fighter)
Georgia Scorcher: B&M stand-up coaster
Georgia Surfer: Intamin ultra-surf
Goliath: B&M hyper coaster
Great American Scream Machine: PTC wooden coaster
Joker Funhouse Coaster: Chance Rides kiddie coaster
Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster: Skyline Attractions double-track kiddie coaster (P'Sghetti Bowl)
Riddler Mindbender: Schwarzkopf double loop coaster
Superman Ultimate Flight: B&M flying coaster
Twisted Cyclone: RMC hybrid coaster

Here are Six Flags Over Georgia's coasters

Acrophobia: Intamin stand-up drop tower
Catwoman Whip: Zamperla enterprise (Endeavor)
Justice League Battle for Metropolis: Sally Corporation shooting dark ride
Log Jamboree: Arrow Dynamics log flume
Monster Mansion: Arrow Dynamics boat dark ride
Pandemonium: Zamperla pendulum (Giant discovery)
Riverview Carousel: PTC carousel
Skycoaster: Sky Fun 1 Inc. sky coaster
SkyScreamer: Funtime star flyer
Superman Tower of Power: Zamperla family drop tower
Thunder River: Intamin river rapids

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Date Uploaded Jun 2, 2024


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As a person who's homepark is this... the entire divide between the kids section and the back of the park is pretty wrong.