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Hello folks, this is a little something I'll be trying out. I will be making full, working recreations of Universal Studios Florida. Not only that but I'll be posting loads and LOADS of different versions of the park by year. This is exactly how the park looked the first time it was captured by Google Street View in September 2008.

First things first, Universal has a lot of simulators, especially nowadays. For a working park and to ensure that there wasn't loads of identical simulator rides, I instead have underground roller coasters that make the same motions as the real rides. Pretty neat approach, huh? There are a couple of rides that are different too due to game limitations but I'll go through those below. First, here's a list of rides.

Rides Included:

Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast
Blue Man Group
Shrek 4-D
Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit (Early construction)
Twister...Ride It Out
Revenge of the Mummy
The Blues Brothers Show
Beetlejuice's Rock and Roll Graveyard Revue
Disaster! (Only for show)
Fear Factor Live
Men in Black: Alien Attack
The Simpsons Ride
Animal Actors on Location
E.T. Adventure
Fievel's Playland
A Day in the Park with Barney
Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster
Curious George Goes to Town
Horror Make-Up Show
T2-3D: Battle Across Time

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! The main bulk of this park belongs to RollerCoaster Creations who set out to make the park without using any custom scenery. I kinda broke that rule I hate to say. I also made it a bit more of a working park for peeps. (Even though they complain that they're aren't enough rides. I didn't really go by any algorithms here.)


Belgabor's Invisible Doodads
Eletigna New Street Elements
Vodhin's Ride Operator
Universal Studios Globe
LG Harbour Set
NYR's Stadium Seating 1,2
Main Street Elements
Main Street DRP Ornaments
Gadgets Coaster Goodies V1.2
GRP- B&M Catwalks Set
Ody's Coaster Goodies
A2 Custom Vendors
Briantjuh94's Trash Cans
Briantjuh94's Lanterns
Shyguy Circus Center 1, 2, 3
Aces Construction Yard
Moving Doors
Moby's Construction Vehicles
Krypt Destroyed City
LoneWolf's Hollywood Set
Jaws Set
Construction Set gamer2456
Pack Projecteurs
Dasmatze Industry Age Additions
Dasmatze random stuff
Usf Geek - Steps 'N' rocks
Jcat's SteelWorx
Usf Geek - USF Arch
Jcat's SpaceWorx
Flags by JMAinAZ (USA)
ATH Catwalk Set v1.2
Vodhin's Lighting Kit v2

(If there's any I missed, please let me know)

Hope you enjoy! Expect more soon.

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Date Uploaded Mar 24, 2019




my game crashes every time i open the park (i don't have the custom scenery installed)


Sorry, I made a huge mistake. I never looked properly at the custom scenery I had and I never realised people were having problems with them. I hope to update all the parks once I get a new computer soon. Sorry, horrible mistake on my part. :-(


Hey, can you upload a copy of Pack Projecteurs? It's no longer online. Thanks

Edit lol. seems to work without it. GREAT WORK