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Before we get to the updates, I need to remind you to NOT download the download. I can't stress this enough. I only uploaded trees is because I need to upload something to give you guys this announcement. With that out of the way, all of my 3 parks that I have in this website are updated. For Six Flags Great Adventure, the layout for Superman Ultimate Flight was inaccurate so I had to change that. Also, I forgot to add a floor for the station for that ride and I usually do that for inverted coasters in this game or else it would not look realistic. For Kings Dominion, I realized that Backlot Stunt Coaster is actually gray and not black, and there are actually 2 banked s-bends in the tunnel for that ride instead of 1. For Lil' Devil Coaster and Cocoa Cruiser, the layouts changed to look more accurate. Here's the link to the website, redownload all 3 parks and make sure you replace them! https://time4coasters-22-rct3-recreations.time4coasters18.repl.co/

Section Structures
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Date Uploaded May 29, 2022