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hier für Euch eine einfache Wilde Maus.
Als CSO benötigt Ihr: JCat´s Mouse Worx

Section Tracks
Type Wild Mouse
File Size 71.39 KB
Date Uploaded Dec 19, 2013
Liked by gavt1976, SamDogy



rct master

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Can you please tell me what other CS did you used on this coaster, because i download it and it crashed on me. :(


Hello, you have the CSO: "JCat's Mouse Worx" properly instaliert? Can be he does not recognise him. The Roallercoaster was from the outset already on it, did not become gedownloaded.


I have tired it again and it still crashes on me, so it must be at your end that is the problem, because i have download your maze that you did and that works fine. :)

Elmer BeFuddled

@ gavt1976

It crashed first time on me as well. Do you have the DATCSO tool and know how to use it? If you drop the trk file downloaded here, change its extension from .trk to .dat, this is the list of used CS it gives you.
Wilde Maus Kinzler CSOby wuzeltown
ATHCatwalk and Accessories Set
Pumper MouseWorx

Now I'm not saying all this was knowingly used in this ride but after it crashed the game I used the above method and discovered I was missing the first option (Wilde Maus Kinzler CSOby wuzeltown). I threw that into the system, restarted the game and the ride opened in a blank park ok for me. Worth a try, no?

Here's a link to that one as I assume you'll have the others as fairly common in useage.


Elmer BeFuddled

Just to re-affirm. After making sure everything in my above list is in the game I just opened the ride in a very heavily built/modified park bench with no issues.


Very nice Wild Mouse Coaster, I love the overall look of this ride, nice job m8