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According to its mythology, Yazi was the seventh Son of the Dragon. His violent nature and destructive personality made Yazi a powerhouse in wars and battles. Yazi was remembered through being crafted onto swords and other weapons used by Chinese militants. Today, your peeps can experience some of the terror Yazi's vicious personality caused on this RCT2 creation. And if it was violent enough to merge and induce combat between residents of bamboo buildings and European castles, that's gotta be pretty destructive.

(Notes: First, this uses scenery and is a track type from the expansion packs. Also, due to a limit on the number of objects I could save a coaster with, I had to cut out many bamboo trees from the final download. Luckily, everything else was able to be saved. The last screenshot shows what you will get in the download.)

Excitement: 6.90
Intensity: 9.96
Nausea: 4.48

Section Tracks
Type Dragon Coaster
File Size 17.09 KB
Date Uploaded Jun 3, 2017
Liked by SamDogy, MarleyD


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Captain Lucasade

Looks Amazing!