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This download is for 15,000 peeps, 4210 different families. It's NOT 1 group
The families have 2-6 peeps within them.
all intensities are included

You will have 4210 txt files that go in your peeps folder. 11 per family. You can do a search for the word Peeps in your computer to find the folder (if your computer find the Peep folder right click on it and choose Open folder Location..... OR go to My Computer>Documents>rct3>Peeps. Copy and paste them into the folder. To select all of them hit CTRL+ A

Mixture of all ages
Used Peep factor software found online

let me know if u have any questions. I have other peeps available...smaller or larger in number.

Section Peeps
File Size 2 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 19, 2017



Iron Coaster

This is the biggest download Ive ever done


Well that's one way to use peep factory!

Ashton D'Avanzo

For some reason I don't have a peeps folder, I am on a mac, do you know which folder I should put it in? I have a characters folders and when I opened it up there are many folders. PLEASE HELP.