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2 ghost rides in one park for your enjoyment! They are both roller coasters, and feature different rooms/effects. I decided not to enclose the ride in one great big warehouse, as the way it looks at the minute seems really industrial and fitting to the theme.

Place the file in your parks folder.

CS List:
Revolutionary Rides Rollerskate CTR/Animated Billboards
Pteri's Tunnels
JCat's ScreamWorx/Darkk Ride Set
FunDMental's Saw Stuff/Dark Ride Set 2/Dark Ride Set 3
Cook's Doors
RCMaster54's Coaster Accessories

Thanks for downloading and happy playing!

Section Parks
File Size 2.42 MB
Date Uploaded Dec 28, 2013


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Can't find many of the CS downloads required - can I find them anywhere else?