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This file package contains 25 different new scenarios for rollercoaster tycoon 3. For half of the parks soaked is required, for the other half wild is required. 5 out of the 25 parks are brand new! The remaining 20 parks were posted on this site about a year ago. The 5 brand new parks are: Entrepreneurs Island, Wild Hog Forest, Cope Islands, Adventure Area and Overy Lake. The Parks can be devided in several landscapes. Winter, desert, tropical, general and spooky are all represented.

Unpack the ZIP-file in documents/rct3/start new scenarios.
In the game the files can be opened in custom scenario.

For only three of the 25 parks custom scenary is required. All is downloaded from this site. If you havenĀ“t downloaded this scenery, you will be able to play this three parks, but parts of the buildings will be missing. The names of these three parks are: Geoffrey Park, River Town and Overy Lake. You will be able to play the other 22 parks without missing scenery. Thanks to Jigsaw, Martin_1997, Jamsley, Xavier, Mr. King, Zahka, Mikeytube, Tikigod12, Fireball, Fenderpro and Coasterfan13 for providing structures on this site I have used.

I hope you enjoy this parks a lot.

Section Scenarios
File Size 6.19 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 11, 2013





SarahAndrea Royce

So far very enjoyable, but I'm stuck at "Under the Sun" as only very few want to visit my poolcomplex, even with lots of space, 3 waterslides, a riverring, advertisement (vouchers) and all kind of priceexperiments (it actually seems I get a bit better rate with higher prices).

That never happened to me before, even in scenarios where I personally deselected "Peeps want to use pool". I have over 1800 visitors now, nearly all other objectives are done (for Tycoon), but now I'm stuck at apprentice, because I can't get the pool used.

Any ideas?


Hi Sarah Anrea Royce,

My sister and i did compete the park, so it is possible.

A few tips are:
-Build your swimming pool close to the entrance, peeps won't go to your swimming pool if they are hungry, thirsty or tired. Combining this with advertising could help, because a lot of peeps will go to your park at the same time, so they will go to the pool at the same time too.
-1800 visitors may not be sufficient, you probably need 2500 visitors or more.
-Sometimes visitors are stuck on an island, because the boat queue lines are too full. This prevents them from going to the pool. Try to build more boat rides, bridges and monorails, especially a monorail near the pool will help getting peeps to the pool.
-Don't build more than one pool
-Don't construct too long paths, because peeps can get tired when they are walking for too long.

I hope I helped you enough with these tips, if not, please send another message.
Good Luck!



If these are like your last 20-pack, they will be lot's of fun. WOW, I can't wait to get started. I really enjoyed your last ones and was hoping you would do it again. THANKS so much - keep up the great work!


Thanks everyone for the positive reactions, it is nice to see that my work is appreciated! :D



Thanks for this package, although the download link is broken on this 25 scenario's package. The older package with 20 scenarios is working though.


These parks are amazing. Lots of fun! Thankyou and your sister for making them