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This file package contains 20 different new scenarios for rollercoaster tycoon 3. For half of the parks soaked is required, for the other half wild is required.
The Parks can be devided in several landscapes. Winter, desert, tropical, general and spooky are all represented.

Unpack the ZIP-file in documents/rct3/start new scenarios.
In the game the files can be opened in custom scenario.

For only two of the 20 parks custom scenary is required. All is downloaded from this site.
Thanks to Jigsaw, Martin_1997, Jamsley, Xavier, Mr. King, Zahka, Mikeytube, Tikigod12, Fireball, Fenderpro and Coasterfan13 for providing structures on this site I have used.

I hope you enjoy this parks a lot.

Section Scenarios
File Size 5 MB
Date Uploaded Apr 7, 2012





I haven't played all of your parks yet i'm still working through them but just wanted to let you know i'm thoroughly enjoying them! The best downloadable scenarios i've found in a long time! :)
Time-consuming yet very possible challenges, some LOVELY layouts (I loved the fishing and snowy ones!) and it's all just so fun to play :)

Thank you for taking your time to create and share your works!! I'll be subscribing to you :D
If you have time please have a look at my scenarios! I'm sure you'd enjoy them :)

LucyFaye Xx


Hey LucyFaye,

Thank you for your positive comment, it´s nice that you enjoyed my parks so much, it shows where I do this for. I hope you enjoy the rest of the parks as much as the ones you wrote about. It´s also nice to hear what the best parks are.
I haven´t played rollercoaster tycoon 3 in a while now, that´s also why I haven´t respond to your comment last month. I´ve just downloaded your candyland park and I look forward to playing it.


p.s. Sorry for my poor English


hey Stillnix,

Haven't played any of your scenario's yet, but I like the screens. I would like to know which custom scenary you used. So I can search and donwload them too.

Thanks in advance.



Hey Luctor,

Thanks for the compliments.

Most of the scenary I downloaded from Jigsaw (most skyscrapers).
You can check out his page on this website: http://rctgo.com/downloads/members/8516
The links for custom scenery stand on his page, for example I downloaded `18 buildings pack´ and `two scyscrapers by Jigsaw´, the custom scenery can be downloaded if you click on the links next to the buildings.

I also have downloaded a `Mc Donalds´ from Jamsley. The cs can be downloaded from here:

For the rest of the structures I haven´t used custom scenery, the scenery for those buildings is just in the game.

If you somehow can´t download this cs or I haven´t mentioned all, you can still play 18 parks normally and the other 2 parks can be played with the disadventage that not all building are fully visible.

I hope I have explained enough about the custom scenery, if not, send me a comment



Thanks for your reply. There is at least one park (Palm Beach) I can't play. But I'm not sure if it yours. :P The game crashes when I try to start. Don't know why, because the error message doesn't help me. Maybe it crashes, because it can't load the CS. But I will try after I download the CS.




Hi Luctor,

Palm beach is one of my parks, but this park doesn´t contain custom scenery, it doesn´t even have one building in it, only trees, but those are just in the game.
The reason why you can´t start the park may be, that you don´t have the expansion pack Wild!
The parks with custom scenery are: Geoffrey Park & River Town



I'm sorry, but the 4th scenario screenshot looks really similar to this one:
The creator is: sixflagsgr8


Hi, RCTgoMatthew

I see what you mean, the parks are nearly the same,
however I have never seen that park before, so I didn´t copy any,
also I haven´t tried to build a park similar to that one.
It´s just a coincidence.



Thanks so much for these, you've done a GREAT job. It's like getting a whole new game update. I very much enjoyed playing these and almost finished every one after downloading them last year. I've been searching periodically with the hopes that you would upload another package like this and today, I found that you did. I can't wait to get going on your new parks. Keep up the amazing work and thanks again!


where are u supposed to get the CS from and what parks use it?


Just want to say that me and my girlfriend love your parks Stillnix! Please thank your sister for us also, the hard work was worth it; we spent many hours on your custom scenarios we love them. Thanks a lot!


Thanks man! I will do. This is always nice to hear. Even five years later. :-)


thank you so much for this!!!


Hello! I was really exited to play your parks they look awesome, but I cannot get them to show up in-game after extracting the files in "start new scenarios". I have RCT3 Platinum, could that be a reason?