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In celebration of EIGHT years of scenario making, I have personally taken my first 21 scenarios and remastered them. This included fixing any bugs, adding in new components in OpenRCT2, edit or overhaul goals and lastly the biggest part: Completely overhauling every single scenario.

Every scenario was "dolled up" to look much more beautiful but also stylized to RCT1 so each one also alternatively feels like it could be a lost scenario DLC that RCT1 never released but with more perks.

This project took nearly eight days to complete just 21 scenarios...so this is precisely why this is PART ONE of the project. I eventually plan to refresh most of my scenarios that I personally consider to "lack" the quality of my recent scenarios simply because I was less experienced in 2015...'16, '17, etc...

This scenario pack is ONLY playable in OpenRCT. Use the latest dev builds.

This pack includes: 6 Beginner Parks, 8 Challenging, 7 Expert.
Chamber Lake (Medium)
Heigel Desert (Hard)
Tipton Bay (Easy)
Ashton Gardens (Medium)
Mammoth Shores (Medium)
Funland (Hard)
Calming Cliffs (Easy)
Disaster Plains (Medium)
Holiday Forest (Hard)
Quartz Rock (Hard)
Gravity Heights (Easy)
Arctic Escapade (Easy)
Gentle Cliffs (Medium)
Corciea Mountain (Hard)
Quiet Quarters (Easy)
Swamp Creek (Medium)
Windy Desert (Hard)
Triple Pine Park (Hard)
Crater Conundrum (Easy)
Volcano Heights (Medium)
Christmas Cove (Medium)

This took an absolute boat-load of work so please let me know your thoughts and I really hope you like these redone scenarios. RCT1 I grew up on and have a huge passion for releasing scenarios for OpenRCT2 and the bustling community there is, so I do hope you find this scenario pack well. Enjoy!!!

Section Scenarios
File Size 1.95 MB
Date Uploaded Nov 1, 2023




Then you need to switch to a new development build.


Incredible. Your scenarios have really been helping me to learn the game these past few weeks, and it's SO exciting seeing more on the way. I can't wait to get these in game. Thanks so much for your work and dedication!


I'm glad you've been helped and that you're enjoying my scenarios! Many more to come. :)