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2500 Individual Peeps

Requires RCT3: Soaked! and RCT3: Wild! 2 comments

2500 Individual Peeps:

830 adults with random tolerance levels (they will ride anything depending on level)
830 teens with all levels except gentle (they will ride everything even gentle unless there are other higher rated rides available)
830 children with gentle only (will only ride low rated rides with a few exceptions)
10 teens with crazy only levels (seeks out very high to uber ultimate but will ride anything, I dont know which ten these are, I added them to make up the difference of 2500)

With these Peeps the parks I create seem more realistic, Peeps will ride rides within their tolerance level, they will also ride any ride under their level and 1 above. So the kiddies will only ride gentle rides (low rating) and up to medium level but never will ride a high rating ride. Teens will ride everything overlooking weak rides if another high rating ride is available. Adults will ride everything too, depending on their rating.
The other advantage is that these Peeps are individuals and not groups, therefore no more "waiting on group".
Extract file and replace your Peeps folder with new one.

Have Fun!

Section Peeps
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Date Uploaded Mar 2, 2011



Great peeps, you used Peep Factory didn't you. I love the idea of individual peeps.


Man oh man, i love the way that the game lags when 2500 peeps come busting down the gates. It's like super smash bros wifi. XD fun download, I highly reccomend it.