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Bummer Beach was made directly off of "Bumbly Beach" from RCT1.

Back in 1977, the park had just received a new corkscrew coaster and then a week afterwards, went bankrupt, along with the small-ish town near by. Now, in 2016, an exasperating amount of trees have grown, the park is an absolute wreck, and you own VERY little than what was before. You must expand the park to make money, otherwise, it will go back bankrupt.

Luckily for you, your grandfather's passing left you with a sum of money. Just enough to get you above debt. And maybe a couple more attractions! *Rip Grandpa Ulrey*

Objective: 3,200 guests by the end of year 5. *YOU WILL have to expand to win the game*

Requires no extra add-ons or game DLC's.

Thanks so much for downloading!! If ya have questions, comments, suggestions, or CC, do let me know!


Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Aug 1, 2016
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How are you supposed to build on to the foot paths if u can't own that part of property?


Simple, buy more land to accomodate the paths. Doesn't have to be much! :)


So basically this is "Bumbly Beach" but a different scinario that RCT1's


Yeah... no...
Has anyone beat this one?


I’m trying to play it now but it’s not letting me build any new rides or even research new rides. Everything is empty on my ride build screen. Is this by design?


I can't remember what I did in this scenario, but I also haven't tried to complete it. Is it really hard?