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'90°' is an own construction of a compact Stand-Up Twister Coaster.

Let's Ride: http://youtu.be/aIMdczA59k8

---- Related downloads ----

Take a look at the bottom of the download description to see a list of related downloads.

---- Custom Scenery required * ----
(see ReadMe for detailed download links)

- Mobys Steel Jungle v1+2 / Mobys Steel Jungle v2
- CoasterJoesB&M Connectors
- CPciscosB&M Footers
- OdysCoaster Goodies V.3
- Gadgets Coaster Goodies V1.2
- SK-SHR91
- Rocket99'sB&M Addon
- Pumper-Steelworx

Special thanks to the producers of these very useful custom scenery sets!

* The track does also work without any custom scenery content.

---- Stats ----

> Ride time: 1:26 minutes
> Ride length: 930 meters
> Max. speed: 110 km/h
> Max. altitude: 50 meters
> Ratings: Excitement: 7.28 (high); Intensity: 6.32 (high); Nausea: 2.52 (low)

---- Saving instructions ----

The download file is a zip-folder. Open this folder to see a ReadMe for easy installing of track and scenery.

---- Background information ----

I often haven't visions how the track should look like before I've began to build. So, I feel free, start with the station and build some random track pieces. My general procedure: Firstly, I build a track. Secondly, I adapt the track so that the ride is even more realistic. If I'm happy with my coaster layout, I go about the next step, adding track connectors. Then, I install the catwalk pieces and gadgets. After I've finished with this step, I place realistic looking stilts. This is the most time-consuming step because each stilt gets his individual look adapting to the correspondent track piece. Following, I link the stilts with suited footers and add flanges onto the stilts. While the whole procedure, I create the station building. Generally, the described steps above take me around 10 to 20 hours or more. The very last step I have to make is creating the scenery like forest, water and so on.

---- The Golden Rule ----

> Don't provide that isn't yours.
> Don't provide anything without any explicit permission from the owner of the work.
> Don't give credit if you haven't any explicit permission from the owner of the work that you want to share.
> Give Credit if you are allowed to share the owner's work (list at least the definite username of the owner, check if you've spelled the username correctly)

It's a shame that some people share material which they don't own and aren't allowed to. In this way, I have to write at this point: Please take note that - because of the invested time and effort - I don't want you to share this download (winrar zip folder) or parts of this download (track file or structure file) or a clearly similar track course without any explicit permission of me personally. Thanks.

Designing engineer: Rollercoaster-Fan

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Section Tracks
Type Stand-Up Twister Coaster
File Size 46.32 KB
Date Uploaded Dec 24, 2013
Liked by SamDogy




I didnt look at the screenshots till i sawthe coaster with my own eyes. Nice job! + i am making a new coaster called Sonic Rainboom its pretty nice has alot of lims and i dont think it needs V1 of mobys steel jungle just V2. has like 5-7 of CS in it.


Thanks! That's right, v.2 also contains v.1.


Thank u for subscribing to me on YouTube.


Thank you too.