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97 - Trinity Isle

Requires RCT2 or RCT Classic 4 screenshots 6 comments

97, Trinity Isle!

Note: This is Trinity Islands from RCT1 expanded, and rebranded. This is the second in a potential series of RCT1 remakes. The first being 'Arid Heights Redux.'

Let me know if you want more of this type of thing. For now, here's the 'redux' of Trinity Islands!

Objective: 2,700 guests by the end of year 7.

I do hope you enjoy this download. Thanks for the download!

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Nov 27, 2017




Wow the map is bigger than the original. And you can possibly buy the land from the original scenario.


Yep, indeed. All the land from the original game is unselected and is buyable, as is some other bits of land. The first island that the entrance sits on is completely owned.

I hope ya enjoy the scenario, though!

Skylander Katfish

So this is an extended version of Trinity Islands? That's so cool!! Also, can't wait until #100!!


Indeed. It is the vanilla RCT1 scenario remade by and rebranded to make it my own.

Likely the first of many, recreations. (If ya exclude Arid Heights Redux, which is pretty old).

I'm glad you like this work!


I myself have been working on a re-issue of the RCT1 scenarios, so far I've done Forest Frontiers and Bumbly Beach, about to start on Dynamite Dunes right now, maybe Diamond Heights later tonight.

If you'd like to collaborate on this, maybe you do some maps and I do others, let me know. This would be a lot of fun, and coordination between multiple authors would be even better!


I would love to do a couple, if ya like. Though, they probably would not come out for a couple weeks. Having back to back RCT1 scenarios remade is kind of unoriginal.

Hit me up if you're up for that!