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This was my entry for Roller Coasters & Friends' Micro Park challenge, where I had to make the best park in a 10x10 terrain. I left the park borders so you can see it respects the size limit. I won second place.

For this park, I wanted it to be built around a space rocket, and my goal was to build the most rides possible while making the rocket aesthetically pleasing. 6 functional rides + shops were able to fit in the rocket. So, grab your helmet and your space suit, because it's gonna be a very astonishing, spatial experience!

This park was mostly built without custom object, except for black tile pieces and custom rides. All custom content is plugged in with the save.

OpenRCT2 is required to open the save. I have tried with the original RCT2 and it doesn't work. I can't tell for RCT2 Classic.

I hope you like it. :D

Section Parks
File Size 1.3 MB
Date Uploaded Jan 14, 2019