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Copy the "A2 Custom Vendors" folder into your RollecoasterTycoonStyleThemed folder.

The file contains custom vendor buildings. Specialized custom vendor left and right allowing two services to be offered where there would normally only be one.

A three part brick restroom AKA toilet that has a sign that can be used on one or both sides. Each restroom sign or doorway filler increases the capacity by 4. Clicking on each distinct object allows you to open, close, and set prices for each of the toilets.

Raised planters with high capacity benches that can be added to them. First raise a the ground by one level and add the flowers and or trees to the planter. Then add the planter benches and planter litter bins. The placement of the litter bins can be a little complicated just rotate them until the fit properly.

There is a custom drink vendor that looks like soda machines. There are two picnic shelters for beside of the vendor buildings so you can have sheltered benches.

This is a list of all the items;

Two Vendor Stall Left
Two Vendor Stall Right
Brick ATM Stall
Drink Vending Machine
Brick Restrooms (Toilet)
Brick Restroom Sign
Brick Restroom Doorway Filler "For when path is only on one side of the restroom"
Long Bench "Sits five"
Lamp for Between Benches
Benches for Planters
Trash Can Pebble (Litter Bin)
Trash Can Pebble Between Benches
Trash Can Steele
Trash Can Steele Between Benches
Trash Can for Planter Corners

Brick Dual Vendor
Western Dual Vendor
Spooky Dual Vendor
Medieval Dual Vendor
Vinyl Dual Vendor
Planter "Single Square"
Planter Custom Ends
Planter Custom Middle
Planter Custom Corner "Outside"
Picnic Shelter "Generic"
Picnic Supports "Generic"
Medieval Picnic Shelter
Medieval Picnic Supports

There will be other A2 Custom releases in the future.

Section Custom Scenery
File Size 17.88 MB
Date Uploaded Nov 13, 2014




These are very nice. I'm going Custom Set in the future.


It's a shame there is no way to see how many times something has been downloaded.


Just go to your account, manage downloads and underneath your item you should be able to see how many times your custom scenery or downloaded item (park, structure, etc) have been downloaded. For example mine:

Waterfall - Fun In Paradise Park
Aug. 24, 2014, 4:05 pm — 734.4 KB — 361 downloads

Another way to check to see how many times it has been downloaded...
Go to your custom scenery item like you were going to download it yourself.
Place your mouse arrow over the download button but don't click on it.
You should be able to see the number of downloads. You won't be able to see
who downloaded it. :)

Huggy Bear

Very cool set. Hope to see more.


otherwise you stay with you mouse cursor on download i=until screen pops up and says maybe 2356536561536151311735715375132757135117573137537157357883 times downloaded


Nice set <3


some stalls don't work because there's no ovl file for them. So far that's Vender left and right, most of your trash cans and other stuff in that section of the game. The game will crash if you click on them!!!


when i try to click on my world it crashes as its loading in, what do i do?