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Hello, I'm new to RCTGo, and I present this park called "Adventureland". This is a fictional park created by me. To download this park need to download the following mods:

-MerrygoroundCFR (Patrick)
-BumperCarsMedium (CFH Rides)
-Schaukel (GreenTomTom)
-DiskO (AdrenalineStudio)
-FederWippe (GreenTomTom)
-Kamikaze (CFH Rides)
-StreetfighterRevolution (CFH Rides)
-little chairswing (Patrick)
-Montgolfiere (RCT3-Advanced)
-Wippe (GreenTomTom)
-xicara (Heve)
-Troika (Patrick)

To download and put it in the game, you have to read the read me that appears in the downloads. You have to create a folder in Style that says "Custom" and create the folders in which you are going to put your attractions (heve, cfh rides, etc.) and that's it.


Section Parks
File Size 4.27 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 22, 2017