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My first scenario created park. No challenges or limits, just made it this way to increase the size of the park. The size is 500 x 450 squares. It has a lot in it, a western world, a normal area with standard rides, a big central area with a lot of coasters, a large pool complex with the biggest lazy river I have ever made and a Halloween and Christmas section. You probably need a "decent" computer and it takes a while to open based on the size. There is still room for more growth though. I mistakenly left two paths that lead to queues that were attached to a monorail that was having issues so I deleted it, sorry. they are pretty short paths though.

Have fun and check out Santa's house in the back left part of the park in Christmas land. First try and really building custom buildings, so it's nothing great.
I have included a screenshot of the CS files I have that I used, did not use them all but I thought this might help. Mainly it has Coasterfreaks Xmas scenery, Shy's Alpine zone and Moki's frozen lands and holiday addons.

My first custom entrance, nothing special but hey I am a novice.

Section Scenarios
File Size 16.57 MB
Date Uploaded May 24, 2020