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The first set of my Alice in Wonderland BETA set. It includes the Rabbit Hole items:

White Rabbit Floor, White Rabbit Ceiling, Talking Doorknob (under Ride Events), White Rabbit Wall 1 and 2, White Rabbit Wall Corner, and White Rabbit Decorations 1 and 2.

It's NOT the complete set, I just want people's opinions on this and to see if it works on another computer than my own. I will release other objects in other sets but in the end, I will put all of this into one set. Finally, enjoy my first set of Alice in Wonderland BETA: Down the Rabbit Hole!

+Please comment and give me feedback and criticism! This is also a major reason why I released this set so that the end set would be of other people's need and mine!+

Thank you!

Section Custom Scenery
File Size 205.49 KB
Date Uploaded Aug 6, 2012