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OffbeatToaster presents Alien: The Ride, a one-of-a-kind dark ride/roller coaster experience inspired by Revenge of the Mummy and Verbolten . Based on one of the greatest science fiction films ever made, Alien takes riders through some of the most terrifying moments from the movie. After a slow tour through the alien planet, riders blast off at 50 mph, soaring through the stars before racing through the corridors of the Nostromo on a series of airtime hills and a zero-gravity roll. Just when you think it’s safe, the train comes to a halt and riders come face to face with the monster itself before sending riders down a sharp drop, putting them on their escape from the ship, shooting them up a 95-foot tower before they plummet down to Earth.

Excitement: 52.63 (I assume it's this high because I used a CTR)
Intensity: 4.14
Nausea: 1.82

Since its an indoor coaster, the picture's can only do so much. Check out a pov here:

Due to the wide variety of CS used, I've included a list of sets and download links within the download folder. Not listed in the document but also necessary are Jcat's Spaceworx and NYR's Stucco Roofs 1.

Section Tracks
Type Intamin Blitz
File Size 472.97 KB
Date Uploaded Jan 31, 2017




How did you put a video within the ride ?


I used a set of greenscreens and added the clips in my video editor.
You can download the screens here:


ok thx :)


and when you say "video editor", are you talking about the one within RCT3 or another software ?


A separate software. I used PowerDirector13 but any editing software the allows for chroma-key should work.


I downloaded the ride and all i found was a .dat file where do i place this .dat file?


@FunkyPixie copy it into documents/rct3/parks.


That excitement tho.


When i downloaded it everything was their but the coaster


@astroy123 did you download and install the CTR correctly?


where do I find the CTR all I got was scenery.